The C.O.W.S. Two Thousand Seasons Part V

Audiolibri in Italiano e in lingua originale.

Host:Gus T Renegade

Time: 10th May 2014

Synopsis:The Context of White Supremacy hosts the fifth study session on Ayi Kwei Armahโ€™s iconic novel Two Thousand Seasons (1973). This text was one of Gusโ€™ top five books โ€“ itโ€™s likely a favorite of Dr. Marimba Ani also. Our most recent session detailed the White destroyersโ€™ requests to build churches and pillage African land, people and animals. King Koranche cooperated with the Whites in exchange for trinkets and rum. Not all black people were duped by the smiling faces of White barbarians, but the wise were not the most powerful, not in position to ensure that Africans remained committed to their Way. This weekโ€™s session shows the continued rift between king Koranche and those who have no interest welcoming Whites. Christianity/White Jesus continues to be a pivotal weapon in the domination of black people. Armah also emphasizes that even when people understand what is correct and should be done, weak will can prohibit one from doing what should be done

The C.O.W.S broadcast , hosted by Gus T Renegade.Is engineered for non-white people,/ Victims of Racism, White Supremacy. This broadcast is dedicated to sharing constructive information on what White Supremacy/Racism is and how it works. We exchange views with White People, Admitted Racists, and non-white people on the global enterprise of White Supremacy/Terrorism.

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