Dutch letter IJ / ‘ij’ or ‘ei’ or ‘ie’ / pronunciation, sound, spelling, history, origin

Audiolibri in Italiano e in lingua originale.

Dutch letter ‘ij’: unique letter in the Dutch language. What is it’s origin and it’s history through the centuries? What is the difference between the “long ij” and the “short ei”?

The sound /ei/ is a diphtong (double vowel): how do you pronounce it? Exercise with a list of words. Hear the right pronunciation and learn the right spelling. Learn everything there is to know about the ‘ij’, the ‘ie’ and the ‘ei’ in this lesson “Dutch letter IJ”. Enjoy!

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Learn Dutch language online. The Dutch letter ‘ij’ (‘ij’ or ‘ei’ or ‘ie’). Pronunciation, spelling, historie, origin.
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Nederlands leren online. De Nederlandse letter ‘ij’ (‘ij’ of ‘ei’ of ‘ie’). Uitspraak, spelling, geschiedenis, herkomst, oorsprong.
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