Alégrate ~ Amado Nervo

Audiolibri in Italiano e in lingua originale.

Alégrate si eres pequeño; alégrate si eres grande;
alégrate si tienes salud; alégrate si la has perdido;
alégrate si eres rico; si eres pobre, alégrate;
alégrate si te aman; si amas, alégrate;
alégrate siempre, siempre, siempre.
…………Amado Nervo

A veces nos dirigimos a Dios mendigando un poco de alegría y otras veces le brindamos nuestra propia alegría. En tales momentos nos hallamos más cerca de él, porque no es nuestra necesidad, sino nuestra alegría lo que hacia él nos empuja.
…………Rabindranath Tagore
~ ~ ~ ~

English translation: Rejoice (Amado Nervo)

If you’re small, rejoice,
because your smallness serves as a contrast to others in the Universe;
because that is the main reason smallness of your greatness;
because to be they large have required you to be small,
as the mountain to culminate need arise between hills and mounds.
If you’re big, rejoice,
because to Invisible manifested in you more excellent;
because you’re an Artist eternal success.
If you are healthy, rejoice,
for in thee the forces of nature have come to the weighting and harmony.
If you are sick, rejoice,
because your body fight opposing forces that perhaps seek a resultant beauty;
because you tested that divine alchemist called Pain.
If you are rich, rejoice,
for all the force that Fate has placed in your hands, so that spills.
If you are poor, rejoice,
because your wings will be lighter, because life will hold less;
for the Father made you more directly than in the rich the prodigy friendly periodical daily bread
Rejoice if you love,
because you are more like God than others.
Rejoice if you are loved,
because there is in this a wonderful predestination.

Rejoice if you’re small;
Rejoice if you’re big;
Rejoice if you’ve health;
Rejoice if you’ve lost;
Rejoice if you’re rich;
if you are poor, rejoice;
glad if they love you;
if you love, rejoice;
Rejoice always, always, always.

Alégrate, texto extraído del libro Plenitud, Obras Completas de Amado Nervo Volumen XVII.
Música: Remember me, Thomas Bergersen.
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