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Thirty Years a Slave – FULL Audio Book – by Louis Hughes – African-American History

Audiolibri in Italiano e in lingua originale.

Thirty Years a Slave – FULL Audio Book – by Louis Hughes – U.S. History – African-American Literature – Non-Fiction
– Louis Hugues was born into slavery near the town of Charlottesville, Virgina. His father was white and his mother was a black slave. Over his years working as a house servant at the McGee plantation, he gained an intimate knowledge of the family affairs and workings of the household’s cotton business empire.

In the autobiography Thirty Years A Slave, Louis Hugues details life on the McGee plantation in Mississippi and at their mansion in Tennessee, as well as the cruel suffering endured by African American slaves under the ownership of Boss McGee and his vindictive wife.

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Chapter listing and chapter length:

01 – Preface & Chapter 1 (part 1) — 00:38:40

02 – Chapter I (part 2) — 00:38:28

03 – Chapter II (part 1) — 00:41:58

04 – Chapter II (part 2) — 00:33:42

05 – Chapter III (part 1) — 00:37:55

06 – Chapter III (part 2) — 00:32:56

07 – Chapter IV (part 1) — 00:24:51

08 – Chapter IV (part 2) — 00:17:41

09 – Chapter V — 00:28:11

Total running time: 4:54:22
Read by James K. White
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