The Conjure Woman Full Audiobook by Charles Waddell CHESNUTT by General, Historical Fiction

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The Conjure Woman
Charles Waddell CHESNUTT (1858 – 1932)

Published in 1899 by Houghton Mifflin, Chesnutt’s first book, The Conjure Woman, was a collection of seven short stories, all set in “Patesville” (Fayetteville), North Carolina. While drawing from local color traditions and relying on dialect, Chesnutt’s tales of conjuring, a form of magic rooted in African hoodoo, refused to romanticize slave life or the “Old South.” Though necessarily informed by Joel Chandler Harris’s popular Uncle Remus stories and Thomas Nelson Page’s plantation fiction, The Conjure Woman consciously moved away from these models, instead offering an almost biting examination of pre- and post-Civil War race relations.

Genre(s): General Fiction, Historical Fiction, Short Stories
Language: English

This book is in public domain. Thank you for listening.

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