The C.O.W.S. Two Thousand Seasons Part VI

Audiolibri in Italiano e in lingua originale.

Host: Gus T Renegade

Time:Friday, May 17th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

Synopsis: The Context of White Supremacy hosts the 6th study session on Ayi Kwei Armah’s iconic novel Two Thousand Seasons (1973). This book was one of Gus’ top 5 books – it’s probably one of Dr. Marimba Ani best-loved also. Last week’s episode followed the continued descent of black people who have been contaminated with White Supremacist’s values and White Supremacist’s world view. King Koranche gleefully parceled off his offspring to be educated by whites for servitude. A meager number of black people attempted a counter-violent strike. They were eviscerated. Others fled the region to escape the impending White doom and the threat of other black people who served the White destroyers. As this week’s session begins, we’ll scrutinize the theme of loneliness and isolation. This seems to be an issue that many 2014 Victims of Racism encounter – being spiritually disconnected and/or detached from nurturing human relationships.

The C.O.W.S broadcast , hosted by Gus T Renegade.Is engineered for non-white people,/ Victims of Racism, White Supremacy. This broadcast is dedicated to sharing constructive information on what White Supremacy/Racism is and how it works. We exchange views with White People, Admitted Racists, and non-white people on the global enterprise of White Supremacy/Terrorism.


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