The C.O.W.S. THe BLUEST EYE Part 3

Audiolibri in Italiano e in lingua originale.

Host: Gus T Renegade

Time: 28th July 2012

Synopsis:The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly study session on Toni Morrison’s exemplary novel, The Bluest Eye. We’ll continue our analysis of what this publication reveals about the damaged White people have inflicted upon black people. We’ll keep an eye out for any black male characters who do not function as terrorists in relation to black females. Let’s also pay attention to the role of religion – White Jesus – in the lives of black people

The C.O.W.S broadcast , hosted by Gus T Renegade.Is engineered for non-white people,/ Victims of Racism, White Supremacy. This broadcast is dedicated to sharing constructive information on what White Supremacy/Racism is and how it works. We exchange views with White People, Admitted Racists, and non-white people on the global enterprise of White Supremacy/Terrorism.


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