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Synopsis:The Context of White Supremacy hosts the second study session on one of the most popular books in the world, The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told To Alex Haley (1965). This broadcast will air one day before the 50 year anniversary of Minister Malcolmโ€™s assassination. With the global surge of attention on police terrorism, the efficacy of marching, the impact of White Jesus/Christianity, government spying, and Muslim-bashing, it seemed timely to re-examine โ€œDetroit Red.โ€ Listeners should remain mindful that there are reportedly significant portions of this memoir that have never been released to the public. Last weekโ€™s session detailed the influence of Marcus Garvey on the thinking of his parents. We also learned how the contamination of colorism (light skin/dark skin) affected his mother and father in distinct ways. His father was assassinated by a gang of White Terrorists. Minister Malcolmโ€™s mother was assaulted by White insurance and social workers who blocked Earl Littleโ€™s insurance policy, obliterated the family by removing her children, and had her institutionalized. As we continue, listeners are advised to keep this text in mind when searching for patience to share with black people.
The C.O.W.S broadcast , hosted by Gus T Renegade.Is engineered for non-white people,/ Victims of Racism, White Supremacy. This broadcast is dedicated to sharing constructive information on what White Supremacy/Racism is and how it works. We exchange views with White People, Admitted Racists, and non-white people on the global enterprise of White Supremacy/Terrorism.

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